Carla Beeson

Haunted State Investigator


carlaCarla was born in Two Rivers, grew up on a farm in Hortonville, and now resides in Appleton with her two children and a Saint Bernard.

Between working and raising her children, there is rarely a dull moment or time for outside activities but her fascination with the paranormal has always been a strong personal interest and she’s thrilled to be part of this team. As a child she can remember sitting around campfires telling silly ghost stories and later became intrigued listening to the real life experiences of others. Her common sense approach to life and simplistic ways are balanced by her curiosity for the unexplainable and knowing that things do exist beyond our realm of understanding.

She believes that everything happens for a reason and very little should ever be dismissed. Being part of the Haunted State cast is yet another stepping stone in her journey through life.