Todd Dehring

A native of Wisconsin, Todd’s twenty year career in radio had him traveling across the map to on-air gigs in Michigan, Ohio and Mississippi. His love for radio also gave him his first encounter with the paranormal.

After his last move brought him home to Wisconsin to be on the air with his fellow investigators, Todd started seeing strange things happening at the station. Lights and equipment began going off and on for no reason. The sound of footsteps in the hall, when he was alone; the feeling of a presence, when he knew there was no one else there; and seeing full-bodied apparitions all became day to day occurrence for Todd.

A career change five years ago put Todd, a foodie, back in the grocery business where he had worked prior to his radio life. He lives in Oshkosh with his two dogs, where he finds himself working too many hours and still dabbling in radio.

He believes – but remains skeptical.