Haunted State: Theatre Of Shadows Theatrical Poster

The new Haunted State: Theatre Of Shadows theatrical poster has been released by Executive Producer Michael Brown (of Hungry Lion Productions).  “We wanted the poster to have a historical element to it. I thought it was important that it asked more questions than it answered them.” said Brown. “Compared to the first film, this film is going to knock your socks off visually.  We are putting more emphasis on the historical side of the locations and the cinematography. I brought in a new producer to replace the one we lost & a very talented cinematographer on this one. There was a point where I was burned out from the last film, but I am recharged and am excited to film this one. The locations we are talking to (to appear in the film) are simply epic. If you’re a fan of history, the paranormal or Wisconsin, you won’t be disappointed by the visuals.”

Haunted State: Theatre Of Shadows is now in production with an October 26th, 2017 release date. The film will focus on theaters in Wisconsin that have a strong history and paranormal folklore surrounding it. Stay tuned to the Official Haunted State Facebook page for updates on production, including the locations appearing in the film.

Haunted State is an American documentary film series that began with the 2014 film. The first film, Haunted State: Whispers From History Past is now streaming on Amazon Prime; It’s distributed by Hungry Lion Productions. The Haunted State film series title comes from the claim Robert E. Gard (the founder of the Wisconsin Idea Theatre) made that “Wisconsin has the most ghosts per square mile. It is the most Haunted State”. The documentary films follow a team of Wisconsin residents that are looking for evidence if that is true.